Oh God...a Shopping Mall Simulator...On the iPhone...

When I was at university, I was designing a game with a friend. With The Sims making buckets of money and Theme Park being a big inspiration, we set out to make a game based on...running a shopping mall. » 8/10/11 2:30am 8/10/11 2:30am

The iPhone's Gamiest Game Is Getting A Little Brother

Kairopark's Game Dev Story may be - pause for effect - the best game on the iPhone. So a sequel of sorts will have a lot of Game Dev Story addicts either pleased or terrified. Or maybe both! » 1/04/11 2:00am 1/04/11 2:00am

There Will Be Another Game About Making Video Games

Game Dev Story is a neat little iPhone game that's about running a studio that makes video games. It went down well with people. So well, in fact, that its developers will be releasing a sequel. » 12/01/10 8:00am 12/01/10 8:00am

Kotaku's 2010 iPhone Gift Guide

With just two weeks until the busiest shopping day in the U.S. hits, it's probably a good time to start thinking about what sorts of gifts you want to give and get this year during the holidays. » 11/15/10 2:00pm 11/15/10 2:00pm

Game Dev Puts Game Dev Story Into Perspective

Adrian Chmielarz, creative director at Bulletstorm and Painkiller developer People Can Fly, weighs in on iPhone mini-sensation Game Dev Story, later explaining it "might actually be tons of fun for people who are not in game dev, but for us... I mean, what developer's first hire is a secretary?" » 10/20/10 9:00pm 10/20/10 9:00pm

Watch Me Run My Tiny Game Studio Into The Ground

Game Dev Story is a fantastically addictive game from Japanese developer Kairopark that you has run your own mini Activision, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft. » 10/15/10 2:30pm 10/15/10 2:30pm