​Surprisingly, One PS4 Game Supports Mouse and Keyboard

War Thunder's one of those games flying around in its own orbit. Lots of players—5 million PC players currently in an open beta—not a lot of hype. The guys making it say that it's the most popular aviation game ever, which might be why it was at today's big PS4 event. But it's also a game that's exploiting the… »11/11/13 6:30pm11/11/13 6:30pm

Spiders, Spirit Jawas And Elf Cleavage - X-Blades Screens For you

A pleasing dollop of screen finery from cross-platform gunblade romp X-Blades »11/10/08 6:20pm11/10/08 6:20pm. MARVEL at the luminous 'magic is happening' lightshow! THRILL to the giant spiders! SWOON at the one where it is all dark apart from the glowy red bits! And GAWP at the really quite improbable physique of the protagonist Ayumi. That's quite…