We're One Step Closer to a Wall-E Society with This Kinect Powered Chair

The best part about this Kinect-powered armchair? Microsoft's going to release the source code for it. Shown off today at the company's MIX11 coder symposium, the Kinect-powered La-Z-Boy is a proof of concept for the Kinect PC software development kit, which will open up development over Visual Basic and C++. »4/13/11 7:40pm4/13/11 7:40pm

Your PlayStation 2 Trash Becomes Furniture Treasure

With over 140 million PlayStation 2s walking the earth, surely their must be one or two that have broken down. Maybe even three. Possibly even more than that, as there are apparently enough to establish a product made from recycled PS2s. UK based Pli Design is taking advantage of all those unwanted consoles with its… »9/02/08 9:00pm9/02/08 9:00pm