When Frank Miller and Grant Morrison Used Robin to Make Fun of Each Other

Back in the mid-2000s, Grant Morrison and Frank Miller were putting their respective spins on Batman. Miller, given stewardship of All-Star Batman & Robin, DC’s attempt at showing characters in their most iconic light without the bloat of main stream DC continuity, chose to revisit the character he helped reinvent for…


Spoiler-Free Review: Marvel’s New Daredevil Series Is Bloody Fantastic

We’re awash in live-action adaptations of comic books lately, including several TV shows. But Netflix’s new Daredevil series still feels like something special. It pulls no punches, never winks at the audience, and perfectly captures the feel of the best Daredevil comics. Here’s our spoiler-free review.

A Celebration of Superheroes Staring at Costumes in Fancy Display Cases

Superheroes don't just wear costumes to disguise themselves — they take on a whole heroic identity by slapping on the spandex. So it's no wonder that supers like to keep their suits in elaborate glass cases, so they can stare at them and brood. Here are our favorite scenes of superheroes staring at costumes in cases.