The Bittersweet Story of Francis, YouTube's Biggest Video Game Nerd

It'd be easy to think that getting a PS4 four days before most of the world was the coolest thing to happen to the man who plays combustible video game nerd Francis on YouTube. Or maybe it was having Xbox exec Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb fly down to his house for a trash-talking lightsaber battle that ended with Francis… »12/01/13 12:30pm12/01/13 12:30pm

Francis’ Oddly Appropriate Analogy Links Former Xbox Boss To Farts

Everybody's favorite combustible video game commentator usually doesn't comment on companies' personnel moves. But, clearly Don Mattrick's move to Zynga has inflamed Francis more than, say, the departure of former EA CEO John Riccitiello. The result? Lines like this: "It's like hiring the pilot from the Hindenburg to… »7/03/13 10:40am7/03/13 10:40am

Usually, “Francis” Makes You Laugh. This Time, He Might Make You Cry.

You probably know Francis. The big guy’s best known as a highly combustible enthusiast who rants breathlessly on YouTube. Whatever the latest video game controversy or glory is—an always-on next-gen Xbox, the new SimCity or the latest WoW expansion—you can count on Francis to have an opinion. »4/12/13 12:30pm4/12/13 12:30pm

Hey, SimCity, Fix Your Servers so Francis Can Get His Free Disaster

SimCity launched overnight, if by "launched," one means "was as inaccessible as it was the day before." For some, anyway. Here to give voice to their rage is Francis, who's upset that billions of simoleons in vital public infrastructure is needlessly delayed by EA's inability to offer preloading. Sit back, take a… »3/05/13 8:47am3/05/13 8:47am

An Eloquent Rap That Explains Why Downloadable Content Sucks

We're no stranger »3/30/12 12:00pm3/30/12 12:00pm to Dan Bull's rapping skills. He's covered some of the most popular games with his clever lyrics, but he now turns to a popular issue amongst the gaming community. Downloadable content has been in the past. But no one has summed up the situation so elegantly as Dan Bull has in his most recent…