What New Forza Is Doing About Forza 5's Disastrous Economy

Forza 5 launched with some nasty microtransactions, made more upsetting by the fact that people already spent $60 to buy it. Players were pissed, and creator Turn 10 spent months re-tuning the otherwise solid racer. What does this mean for open-world spin-off Forza Horizon 2? No microtransactions whatsoever. At first. » 9/11/14 8:00pm 9/11/14 8:00pm

Forza 5 Is Car Porn That Teaches You How To Drive

If racing games have served any didactic purpose, that purpose has been to teach Americans about obscure variations of Japanese wagons (ahem Nissan STAGEA 260RS AutechVersion). Forza 5 eschews any claim to breadth in exchange for stunning detail and a desire to teach all you monkeys how to not drive like assholes. » 11/20/13 12:34pm 11/20/13 12:34pm

Come To The San Fran Jalopnik Meetup This Sat. And Play Forza 5 First

The nice folks in Gawker's advertising department like throwing parties and they've decided to throw one for Jalopnik readers who are in or near San Francisco this Saturday. They'll also give you all the chance to win an Xbox One and a copy of Forza 5. Details below. » 11/11/13 5:07pm 11/11/13 5:07pm

Forza 5 Has 300 Fewer Cars Than Forza 4, No Nurburgring (Updated)

Forza Motorsport 5 is one of the most anticipated launch titles for the new XBOX One, especially for car fanatics. But the newest car porn game has 300 fewer rides than before, and is missing some of the most celebrated tracks in the world. What's the deal? » 11/08/13 11:40am 11/08/13 11:40am

How The Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Are Changing Multiplayer Games

What does being a next-gen game or hardware mean, exactly? While the answer is kind of murky—in some ways, the coming generation doesn't feel like a huge departure from our current generation of hardware —one of the places we can see concrete changes is when it comes to multiplayer games. » 10/21/13 6:00pm 10/21/13 6:00pm

Want To Play Xbox One Early? Then You Must Suffer.

The Xbox One isn't out until November, and unless you're lucky enough to be living near a travelling roadshow or consumer expo, you're going to have to wait until November to play one. Or...will you... » 10/04/13 12:00am 10/04/13 12:00am

How To Use A McLaren And No Computers To Make A Forza 5 Video Clip

This may be the most complicated, expensive, and awesomest way to make a video clip of a racing game. Ever. To promote Forza 5, Microsoft decided to forego those fancy "com-PU-tors" and instead made a video by taking pictures of still frames. Like a flipbook. Only on a racetrack. In a McLaren. » 9/20/13 12:52am 9/20/13 12:52am

A Tribute To One Of The Greatest Cars Ever Made

The Ford GT40. So fast. So gorgeous. Even decades later, it still turns heads, and it still stops hearts. So if a guy who draws cars in video games for a living wants to pay tribute to a vehicle, there aren't many better options. » 7/23/13 12:30am 7/23/13 12:30am

Forza 5 Isn't All On The Disc [UPDATE]

While Microsoft has done away with its "daily check-in" requirement for the Xbox One, that's not the end of strange new digital firsts for the system. Witness Forza 5, which even when you buy it on disc, needs to download more of the game online the first time you fire it up. » 7/16/13 11:00pm 7/16/13 11:00pm

Xbox One Checked Into Late Night TV Once In The Last 24 Hours

Microsoft's Phil Spencer comes across as more of an infomercial guy than a talk show guest here in this stint on Jimmy Fallon earlier tonight, but hey, he's not the focus here. The Xbox One and some games are. Namely Killer Instinct and Forza 5. » 6/18/13 1:30am 6/18/13 1:30am

I Can Get Behind This Xbox One Game's Use of the Cloud

It's easy to be skeptical that Xbox One developer's claims that their games will benefit from cloud computing. But, today, I talked to one and I like what he had to say. » 6/10/13 8:53pm 6/10/13 8:53pm

Forza 5's 'Driveatar' Will Mimic Your Style for Others to Race Against

Promising "the end of AI" in its driving series, Forza 5 will introduce something called "Driveatar," which will learn from players personal driving styles and upload them into the cloud as racing opponents, Turn 10 Studios said on stage at Microsot's E3 news conference. » 6/10/13 1:15pm 6/10/13 1:15pm

Forza 5 Trailer Has Those Next-Gen Sports Cars, Jesus Rays

Here's the problem with these next-gen consoles, and driving games in particular: as good as this Forza 5 trailer looks, just how much better does it look than Forza 4? » 6/09/13 9:00pm 6/09/13 9:00pm