Not Sure How to Feel About That Flashback Re-Make? Listen to The Developers Talk About It.

Here’s how much I loved Flashback: The Quest for Identity: when a clearly unsanctioned version of the classic sci-fi platformer surfaced on Apple’s App Store a few years ago, I knew better than to buy it. But I did anyway. I think the janky code successfully ran only once. It wasn’t enough to rekindle my memories of… »4/11/13 2:30pm4/11/13 2:30pm

'Nintendo's Doomed, They Should Go Third-Party!'—Said Everyone, Ever.

Yesterday, former Epic Games designer and Dead Space aficionado Cliff Bleszinski was quoted by GamesIndustry International about what he perceived as the worst turmoil the industry's experienced since the eighties. The situation was so bad, he suggested, that even Nintendo might throw in the towel and go… »2/26/13 1:30pm2/26/13 1:30pm

Let's Look At What Sony's Past Console Reveals Could Say About Tomorrow's PS4 Reveal

As you might have heard, Sony's (most likely) officially announcing the next PlayStation tomorrow. This isn't the first console reveal Sony has done, though. Let's think back to those times. What information was Sony willing to part with during their very first reveals for their other big consoles? It might give us… »2/19/13 1:00pm2/19/13 1:00pm