Midway Loses $76 Million, Hopes For Great MK vs. DCU Success

Chicago-based developer Midway announced its third quarter earnings today, pulling in $51.4 million in revenue. That's better than the $36.7 million it did the year prior and thankfully in line with expectations. The bad news — oh, there's bad news, naturally — is that Midway took a loss of $75.9 million, with losses… » 11/10/08 7:40pm 11/10/08 7:40pm

Activision Blizzard Loots $711M In Sept. Quarter, Loses $194M

In its first quarter as a combined company, Activision Blizzard raked in $711 million for the three month period ending in September, the publisher announced today. That's a big take prior to the holidays and bigger than the projected outlook, but still resulted in a loss of $194 million for the company. Acti-Blizz… » 11/05/08 4:40pm 11/05/08 4:40pm

Konami Pulls In $655 Million In Q1 With A Little Help From Snake

Publisher and developer Konami announced today that it raked in about 70.8 billion yen for the quarter ending in June, which translates to some $655 million in U.S. dollars. That was up from the same quarter last year by about 17%, no doubt in part to the return of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4 » 8/05/08 8:40pm 8/05/08 8:40pm

Capcom: Poor Economy Affecting Arcade Biz

What Capcom called its best performance since it began reporting quarterly results was tempered somewhat by the fact that the company's arcade business is on a steep decline. The costs of a new arcade the company opened in Japan's Shimane prefecture early this year worked to offset its strong home software results and… » 7/30/08 4:20pm 7/30/08 4:20pm