Final Fantasy Tactics S Looks Nifty, But Looks Can Be Deceiving

The design. The music. The turn-based RPG action. This trailer tells us that Tactics S has got everything its big (ie. non-mobile) brothers do, and social features. Then again, we know how All the Bravest turned out. Best be careful. Tactics S is out now for iOS/Android in Japan, with no word of a western release. »5/28/13 6:20am5/28/13 6:20am

This Is What Didn't Make the Final Fantasy Tactics Final Cut

Back in the days before the infamous Grand Theft Auto »12/14/12 5:00am12/14/12 5:00am "Hot Coffee" scandal, it was common practice in game development to simply leave unfinished content on the disk. Sometimes this data was cut due to time issues, other times it was old data from early in the game's development that no longer fit the vision of the…