Difficult Video Games Are Like a Certain Kind of Sex

It's possible that my first sexual relationship began just like yours. I met someone cute and we started talking on instant messenger, where we exchanged an embarrassing number of kissy face emoticons. We held hands at the high school football game, followed by a fumbling attempt at making out underneath the bleachers. »2/04/13 8:00pm2/04/13 8:00pm


What Does a Squad of Gun-Toting Fetish Nuns Have to Do With Hitman: Absolution?

Teasing tomorrow's release of the official Hitman: Absolution E3 trailer, Square Enix teases us with an image depicting eight ladies dress in vinyl nun costumes wielding a wide variety of powerful firearms. Could Hitman: Absolution feature the world's first nun-based online multiplayer? God I hope so. »5/29/12 1:00pm5/29/12 1:00pm

Your Web Window into Japan's Wild, Sexy, and Scary Side

Another night. Mahni Aino (above) fired up her computer and flipped on her camera. The sexy posing would come later, but now she was just talking about what food she liked cooking. Comments streamed across the screen, like "You're so cute" and, even, "Do you use a Dell PC?" Then, she started doing yoga on a sofa,… »11/11/11 5:00pm11/11/11 5:00pm