The Mind Behind Far Cry 2 Leaves LucasArts Without Shipping a Single Game

A sprawling Boba Fett action/stealth game. A Jedi adventure full of edgy moral relativism. Disturbing explorations of Jabba the Hutt's sex trafficking. These were the kinds of experiences folks were expecting Clint Hocking to create when he announced his move to LucasArts two years ago. But Hocking is leaving the… »6/29/12 2:30pm6/29/12 2:30pm

Stealth Gameplay Isn't Enough: Give Me the Thrill of the Hunt

I finally finished Crytek's Crysis 2 last week and surprised myself by immediately firing up a new game and starting it over from the beginning. Sure, Crysis 2 is a slick, well-made first-person shooter, but it's fairly unremarkable on the surface. So why, when I had so many other games I could (or should) be playing,… »8/15/11 8:00pm8/15/11 8:00pm