17 Fantastic Completed Webcomics to Binge-Read from Beginning to End

One of the risks in following a new webcomic is that the story might never end. You might end up with a comic that goes on for years only to have the creator abandon it. But there are some great webcomics out there that have wrapped up their storylines instead of fading into oblivion, leaving hundreds—and sometimes… »3/05/14 7:20pm3/05/14 7:20pm

How I Achieved Greatness on a Sonic the Hedgehog-Themed Bed

Sonic »2/27/12 5:00pm2/27/12 5:00pm fans sometimes have a notorious reputation among the general internet populace that we're terribly annoying, way too demanding, and that we have an unwarranted sense of entitlement. As a fan, I can boldly proclaim that while all of that is 100 percent factual (in an opinion kind of way), I can also say that I'm…