Excitebots Sells, Uh, 13,000 Copies

Excitebots is a sequel (of sorts) to Excite Truck, itself a sequel (of sorts) to Excitebike. It was published by Nintendo, on the dominant Nintendo platform. And it had SUPER SANDWICHES. So what happened? » 5/15/09 9:00am 5/15/09 9:00am

Excitebots: Trick Racing's SUPER SANDWICHES Explained, Bologna Confirmed

Monster Games sequel to Excite Truck, the beastly and bug-filled stunt racer Excitebots, has won us over—even those of us who didn't particularly care for the Wii launch original game. Why? Super Sandwiches. » 3/27/09 6:20pm 3/27/09 6:20pm


Forget Excite Truck. You're living in the past. This year, it's all about Excitebots, as Nintendo do away with that pesky realism and re-tool the game's engine to a setting a little more suited. » 3/10/09 1:30am 3/10/09 1:30am

First Screens, Details On Nintendo's ExciteBots

Nintendo's announcement of the existence of Excitebots: Trick Racing—the sequel to Wii launch title Excite Truck—was annoyingly short on details. Consider us detail-free no more, thanks to the latest issue of Nintendo Power. » 3/03/09 3:40pm 3/03/09 3:40pm