Adult Video Games, S&M Play, and Foot-Sniffing Can Drive Away Sweethearts

Hobbies are a personal thing. What might float your boat might not float your lover's. And sometimes, your hobby might repulse them entirely.

An online survey of one thousand revealed what hobbies have caused boyfriends or girlfriends to run far, far away. Those hobbies were largely otaku and fetish related. » 5/03/12 7:45am 5/03/12 7:45am

These Adult Gaming Peripherals Existed Only One Day

And that day was yesterday, April 1. As it does every year, the Japanese erotic game industry showed its sense of humor with a handful of adult-related gaming peripherals that will thankfully never see the light of day. Or will they?

There's Nexton Liquid with Liquid Black Cute, a "dedicated erotic game hardware"… » 4/02/12 4:01am 4/02/12 4:01am