Here is Eli Manning's Saturday Night Live Skit—as Seen in Madden NFL 13

Hosting Saturday Night Live a couple weeks ago the New York Giants' Eli Manning implied his "ideal" celebration in Madden NFL 13 would be throwing a touchdown, making a sandwich, accidentally dropping the sandwich on the floor, making sure no one is looking, and then eating it anyway. It was part of a motion-capture… » 5/15/12 4:15pm 5/15/12 4:15pm

Oh Sure, Now Eli Manning Wants to Do an Appearance for Madden NFL

The biggest irony in this Saturday Night Live sketch from last night featuring Eli Manning is the idea of him working this closely with Madden NFL on anything. Widely believed to be too expensive even for EA Sports, if the two-time Super Bowl champion, or his brother, had any intention of making a signature appearance… » 5/06/12 1:00pm 5/06/12 1:00pm