Elevator Action Deluxe Adds Much Needed Dancing, Pompadour to Arcade…

What's a developer to do when the game they're bringing from the arcade to console is already just fine? Add funky dancing and crazy haircuts of course! » 8/26/11 1:00pm 8/26/11 1:00pm

New Elevator Action Inaction. Screens Don't Move!

Hanging out in arcades in the 1980s, I adored playing Elevator Action. And that classic title is getting reborn on the PS3 as a downloadable title. » 8/18/11 9:30am 8/18/11 9:30am

I Just Wanted to Let My Brother Know there's a New Elevator Action on…

When I was young and couldn't really stop my older brother from playing whatever he wanted to play next on our cousin's Nintendo, my brother liked to play Elevator Action. If we went to our cousins' house for the holidays, he went to the basement to fire up that game. » 8/15/11 10:00pm 8/15/11 10:00pm

Elevator Action Arcade Shooter Has Great Name, Even Better Gimmick

Taito is giving Elevator Action fans another dose of floor-changing espionage action with the beautifully named Elevator Action: Death Parade. What separates Death Parade apart from its predecessors? Well it's a light gun shooter. » 3/02/09 7:20pm 3/02/09 7:20pm

Elevator Action Returns!

At this year's Arcade Amusement show in Japan, Taito has resurrected retro title Elevator Action » 9/19/08 7:00am 9/19/08 7:00am. Dubbed , this isn't a joystick game, but rather, a light-gun arcade game. The cabinet has surround sound and seems to even have elevator doors! The cabinet should hit arcades sometime next year. This cabinet play…