The Secret Ingredient Needed to Make Anything a ‘Real Game’

There's been some heated discussion as to whether Proteus »2/12/13 3:00pm2/12/13 3:00pm—Ed Key and David Tanaga's award-winning —can be called a game. All the back-and-forth boils down to . But, if you want to nail down to a more restrictive, AAA-centric definition of what a game is, then cartoonist Zac Gorman is here to help you. Kotaku


An Exploration Game Helped Me Realize Why Nature Kind of Sucks

I've never really been one for the appreciation of the "great outdoors." Take me out of my skyscraper rainforest, ground me in something other than the tangled detritus of concrete streets and roads, and I become unmoored. I blame it on my upbringing: I was largely sheltered, and as a result my outdoorsmanship was… »5/23/12 1:00pm5/23/12 1:00pm