Why The Xbox 360 Doesn't Have An Exclusive Mortal Kombat Fighter

"Unfortunately, the circumstances didn't allow us to make a 360 exclusive," Mortal Kombat boss Ed Boon told website Eurogamer. "I'm not allowed to talk too much about it, but I can tell you we certainly wanted to do an exclusive for 360, but that's all I can say. It was not a decision we made where we said, oh, let's not… » 4/19/11 7:20am 4/19/11 7:20am

How Mortal Kombat's Director Went From Dancing Shoes To Severed Heads

Before the dog days of summer set in, a clip leaked online for a take on the Mortal Kombat movie nobody had ever seen. Gritty, violent and brutal, it was a far cry from the 1990s Hollywood flick. » 2/07/11 5:00am 2/07/11 5:00am

The Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe DLC That Could've Been

Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe's roster of "kombatants" was missing some key names on both sides. That was something series co-creator Ed Boon and the MK team had hoped to address with downloadable content, which never happened. » 7/07/09 2:40pm 7/07/09 2:40pm

The Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter Pie In The Sky

Fighter Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe » 11/26/08 5:00am 11/26/08 5:00am is an interesting tie-in. On one hand, you've got and on the other DC Comics. Interesting! But creator Ed Boon has even bigger dreams. In an interview, senior producer at developer Midway Hans Lo dishes, "Ed has always wanted to do a mash-up — that was one of his dreams. His…