Capture the Flag While Riding Dirt Bikes In Battlefield 3's End Game

Straight from DICE's workshop, here's Battlefield 3's freshest DLC, End Game. BF3's fifth expansion sees the return of two classic game modes—Capture the Flag and Air Superiority—and also introduces the dirt bike for some high-speed bazooka-wielding truck-shooting action. Check out the trailer above for a glimpse into … » 1/31/13 11:45am 1/31/13 11:45am

Battlefield 3's Flying Tank Bug. (What the Fuck?!)

Kotaku's already shown twenty-three blissful minutes of lag-free Battlefield 3. The game looks realistic. It's like you're right there on the Caspian border. Know what's not realistic? Flying tanks. Oh, and spinning jeeps. Floating dudes, too. » 10/04/11 8:00am 10/04/11 8:00am

Mixed Messages in Battlefield's Chain of Command

One day before Electronic Arts' reorganization, Patrick Bach, the DICE executive producer of Battlefield 3 said an annual publishing schedule "will eventually kill the franchise." A day later, EA's top general had a somewhat different tone. » 8/05/11 7:30pm 8/05/11 7:30pm

"Just Kick A Guy In The Nuts And Take His Gun"

Mirror's Edge » 11/06/08 4:00am 11/06/08 4:00am may have shooting, but it's not shooting game. Main character Faith is agile, but fragile and vulnerable. If she's going to leap across a huge space in buildings, she can't do it with a gun. Faith needs to put it down, first. Website Kikizo asked developer EA DICE if it considered letting players throwing …