Warcraft's Duncan Jones Explains Why This Videogame Movie Won't Suck

Almost every single video game movie ever has sucked. It’s just inevitable when you take a medium that’s so personal and expand it into a less engaging experience. Duncan Jones, director of probably the biggest video game movie of all time Warcraft, knows this and thinks he’s fixed it. »7/17/15 3:37pm7/17/15 3:37pm

What the Hell is the Warcraft Movie About? Our Complete Guide!

Warcraft made a splash at Comic-Con this year—both on the floor and in Hall H, and fans have been waiting ages for news. But if you’re not familiar with the series, you may be confused as to what all the fuss is for. Don’t know your Gul’dans from your Durotans? Here’s our complete guide to the Warcraft film.
»7/14/15 11:32am7/14/15 11:32am

We've Just Seen The First Amazing Footage From The Warcraft Movie

2015 is the third year director Duncan Jones has brought his big-screen adaptation of Warcraft to Comic-Con and he finally had something huge to show. He debuted about a 5 minute trailer from the film that featured a unique blend of CG visuals with intimate character moments and massive action. »7/11/15 7:46pm7/11/15 7:46pm