We Haven't Seen the Last of Duke Nukem

If you thought Duke Nukem Forever was the last gasp for the '90s video game icon, well, what the hell were you thinking? Publisher Take-Two certainly isn't done with Duke, regardless of the reaction to his latest game. » 6/20/11 11:30pm 6/20/11 11:30pm

3D Realms CEO Vows Duke Nukem 'Resurgence' in 'Next Few Years'

Scott Miller, the 3D Realms cofounder who came out looking somewhat better than eternally dithering partner George Broussard in Wired's recent profile of Duke Nukem Forever, claims that "numerous other Duke games" are in development, some meant for casual gaming. » 12/26/09 8:00pm 12/26/09 8:00pm