Magic: The Gathering Casts a Spell on Android This Summer

Wizards of the Coast has turned Magic: The Gathering — Duels of the Planeswalkers into geek Madden, each year releasing a fresh set of cards, formulating new challenges, and unleashing them upon a card-collecting public that never stops wanting more. This year's entry reaches a little further than 2013's iOS, PC,… » 3/21/13 5:30pm 3/21/13 5:30pm

Magic Planeswalkers Duels Spill Over To PC, PS3

Wizards of the Coast are bringing Xbox Live card-battler Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers to the PlayStation Network and PC, with two new Xbox 360 expansions in the works. » 11/09/09 7:20pm 11/09/09 7:20pm

Who Else Could Have Xbox-Fished With Sway?

If things had gone differently this year, it would be your deputy editor fishing against MTV host Sway in a video game Bass Pro Shops battle. » 7/30/09 5:20pm 7/30/09 5:20pm