New DualShock 3 Color Almost Lets You Peek Inside

I'm a sucker for clear electronics. I love seeing what's inside. You know, the innards. Sony's new DualShock 3 controller almost lets me do just that. » 11/01/13 6:00am 11/01/13 6:00am

Come On Guys. The DualShock 3 Sucked.

The original PlayStation controller debuted in 1994. The more familiar DualShock was released in 1997. The PlayStation 3 controller you're using today, well into the 21st century, is almost identical to that 1997 design. Let's think about that for a second. It's now 2013, and if you've got a PS3, you're still using a… » 10/29/13 11:00pm 10/29/13 11:00pm

DualShock 4 vs. DualShock 3

Just how similar is the new PlayStation 4 controller to the one that PlayStation 3 gamers have been using for nearly seven years? At a PlayStation event in New York City yesterday, we were able to put a model of the DualShock 4 up against a DualShock 3. » 7/16/13 9:20am 7/16/13 9:20am

Three Sony Photos You'll Want To Photoshop

The photos, courtesy of website Game Watch Impress, depict the Sony 3D headset—something we have seen before. What we haven't seen is how goofy people look while wearing it and playing PS3 games—especially with peripherals. » 11/02/11 1:30am 11/02/11 1:30am

Japan Gets Official Uncharted 3 Control Pad

On November 2, the same day the game is released, Japan will be getting this fancy, limited edition DualShock 3 bearing the colours and livery of upcoming action game Uncharted 3. » 9/06/11 12:45am 9/06/11 12:45am

The Evolution of the PlayStation Control Pad

It's perhaps the most iconic design in the world of game controllers, and definitely the longest-serving. Today in Total Recall, we look back at over 15 years of PlayStation control pads. » 6/28/11 2:00am 6/28/11 2:00am

Rumble Might Be Rudimentary, But I Still Like It

When the PS3 launched in 2006, the SIXAXIS controller did not have rumble support. It had motion control, but like I just said, no rumble. And I found myself playing more Xbox 360 games. » 7/08/10 9:00am 7/08/10 9:00am

Red, Blue DualShock 3 Pads Already Available

Forget that Sony said the new DualShock 3 controllers would be out in October. Just, forget about it. It's only August, and already, they're out there, complete with the new PS3 logo. » 8/31/09 7:30am 8/31/09 7:30am

PS3 Getting Blue, Red Controllers

While Japan has a few different PS3 colours to choose from, Americans are stuck Oh, and a silver controller. But only until October, because in October, there'll be two new controller shades to choose from. » 7/28/09 9:40pm 7/28/09 9:40pm

Yup, You Can Now Buy Silver DualShock 3 Controllers

As expected, Sony have officially announced that the range of DualShock 3 colours has increased by 1, with the release of PS3 controllers in a fetching shade of silver. » 6/25/09 11:30pm 6/25/09 11:30pm

Sony Rumble Lawsuit Back, Guy Claims Sony Ripped Him Off

In 2007, Sony settled a long-running dispute with Immersion, a company holding patents for control pad rumble technology. The world moved on. But now, the lawsuit (or at least part of it) is back. » 5/18/09 9:00pm 5/18/09 9:00pm

White DualShock 3 Pads Arrive In The US

While we've heard that the silver DualShock 3 controllers will arrive in the US in June, it looks like the even-nicer white pads have already hit. » 5/11/09 9:00pm 5/11/09 9:00pm

Silver DualShock 3 Hits US In June

A listing has appeared on GameStop's website for a silver DualShock 3 controller for the PlayStation 3. Which is odd, since there are no silver PlayStation 3 consoles available in the United States. » 4/17/09 10:30pm 4/17/09 10:30pm