Still No Word Why Far Cry 4 Stopped Working For Some Xbox One Owners

Far Cry 4 for the Xbox One disappeared from the Xbox Marketplace for a little while earlier this week, preventing some from playing a game they own. The problem was eventually solved, but the whole thing's left me pretty confused. What exactly happened...and why? Unfortunately, Microsoft's brief statement on the issue… » 1/09/15 6:15pm 1/09/15 6:15pm

The Witcher's Anti-DRM Studio Finds Itself in a Bind with Xbox One

Few major developers could be as publicly anti-DRM as CD Projekt Red, makers of the Witcher series. Yet there they were with The Witcher 3, getting a good five minutes of stage time with the Xbox One, the face of console DRM going forward. The studio is committed to releasing on Xbox One but none too happy about being… » 6/13/13 9:30pm 6/13/13 9:30pm

EA Denies Asking Microsoft For Used Games DRM

The natural assumption to make when confronted with Microsoft's used game restrictions is to blame video game publishers. They're the ones who went to war with GameStop over used game resales, they're the ones who instituted online passes, they're the ones who stand to benefit from anything that can make people buy… » 6/11/13 11:30pm 6/11/13 11:30pm

Redbox Takes a Mild Shot at Xbox One, PS4 Over Used-Game Concerns

While the rent-by-mail service GameFly is keeping quiet on what Xbox One may mean to its future, the kiosk rental service Redbox has begun a modest lobbying campaign to remind gamers that game rentals, used games, even taking them to a friend's home are in serious jeopardy under the new console generation. » 6/09/13 1:00pm 6/09/13 1:00pm

EA Labels President Calls DRM a "Failed, Dead-End Strategy," Says SimCity "Plays Like an MMO"

At GDC, GamesIndustry.biz had the opportunity to talk to EA Labels president Frank Gibeau about SimCity and its always-online requirement, which caused a considerable amount of grief to many players at the game's launch. Gibeau acknowledged this, but insisted that what SimCity had wasn't DRM. » 3/28/13 5:00am 3/28/13 5:00am

Cloud Computing is Why the New SimCity Needs an Always-On Connection, Studio Says

A couple weeks ago, the SimCity gang at Maxis held an AMA at Reddit. That may not have been such a smart idea. They don't like DRM over there, for any reason, and SimCity's gonna require an always-on Internet connection to play it, in any mode. It's no surprise that this comment, a compendium of anti-DRM remarks, was… » 12/26/12 11:00am 12/26/12 11:00am