After Getting Laid Off From Zynga, These Guys... Partied?

A year ago, sketch-centric guessing game Draw Something became an inescapable phenomenon, pulling in millions of people each day. That success led to a surprising $210 million acquisition of dev studio OMGPOP by Zynga. On Monday, many of those creators were victim of a harsh 520-person culling as Zynga desperately… »6/05/13 9:40am6/05/13 9:40am

Jimmy Kimmel And His Celebrity Friend Are Pretty Terrible At Draw Something

It's hard to say, really, who is more at fault in this sadly failed guess from last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live. While Kimmel got sidetracked and failed to remember pertinent information that would have helped him, the celebrity—armed not with a phone, but with a full-sized iPad—could have done a much better job… »10/02/12 10:00am10/02/12 10:00am

If You Suck At Draw Something, Angry Mutated Gorillas Might Beat Your Neighbors

This video takes a bit too long to get to the point, so I've taken the liberty of skipping ahead for you. The only thing you missed is the set up and something about pain and ninja stars.

These guys can be fairly hit or miss, but you can't deny the hilarity of a mutated gorilla come to life to rampage around town… »5/22/12 12:00pm5/22/12 12:00pm

Remember Draw Something? Millions of People Don't Like it Anymore

A month or so ago, it's entirely likely that you were caught up in the frenzy surrounding Draw Something, trading goofy doodles back and forth with friends as you played the popular word-guessing game. But now, you might be one of the millions of people who've unceremoniously dropped Draw Something out of their lives. »5/09/12 5:00pm5/09/12 5:00pm