An Army Of X-Men Cosplayers

Distractotron shot this video at DragonCon, getting as many X-Men (and villains) together in the one place as they could. It's making me realise a live-action version of the 90s cartoon might not be the worst idea. » 12/14/14 7:49pm 12/14/14 7:49pm

Every Cosplay Video Should Be A Musical Number

Videographer RealTDragon was in my backyard last weekend, using the power of his camera to cause Dragon Con cosplayers to burst a rousing chorus of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." More of this, please. » 9/07/14 4:08pm 9/07/14 4:08pm

Cosplayer Cops Legal Threat From...Carpet Company

Even though there's a growing business around the wares they create and parade, cosplayers rarely run into legal problems from the people who own the copyrights to the characters they're dressed up as. Which only makes this legal problem all the more absurd. » 9/22/13 8:00pm 9/22/13 8:00pm

Now That's A Lot Of Mass Effect Cosplayers!

We've already seen brilliant costumes from this year's Dragon Con, but we simply couldn't resist this absolutely packed Mass Effect group shot, photographed by one of the attendants, Pam Marotte. » 9/05/13 9:20am 9/05/13 9:20am

Some Of The Best Cosplayers In The World Were At Dragon Con

This year's Dragon Con was held over the weekend, and in attendance weren't just some of the world's finest cosplayers, but MLZ Studio, there to film it and give the world this great little video. » 9/04/13 3:00am 9/04/13 3:00am

Some of The Best Cosplay From Dragon Con 2013

This year's Dragon Con—a large fantasy/science fiction convention in North America—is over, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the awesome outfits worn at the show. Thankfully, MLZStudio recorded some of the best cosplay of the con, and damn if it's not impressive. » 9/03/13 8:30pm 9/03/13 8:30pm

Amazing Cosplay Videos Played To The Music From Drive Make Me Grin

This DragonCon 2012 cosplay compliation video by beatdownboogie is absolutely fantastic. Besides the fun cuts, in-the-moment poses/character acting and perfect music, I really enjoy the hundreds of impressive cosplayers featured above. And they're all having so much fun. » 9/26/12 12:30pm 9/26/12 12:30pm

The Doomed Kingdoms of Amalur MMO Would Have Explored the Darker Side…

The sad tale of the closure of 38 Studios and Big Huge Games and the cancellation of the Kingdoms of Amalur becomes even more tragic with each new scrap of information on the massively-multiplayer game. That's why author R.A. Salvatore explaining the story behind the game at DragonCon earlier this month made me so… » 9/12/12 4:30pm 9/12/12 4:30pm

That's Not A Cosplayer, That's Actually Commander Shepard!

Picture it: You're at DragonCon, enjoying the cosplay during a sunny break away from the con floor. Then yet another guy in a Commander Shepard outfit struts by. There's something different about him, though. He looks familiar. Kinda. Wait, that's the guy who actually plays the male version of Commander Shepard's… » 9/04/12 1:34pm 9/04/12 1:34pm

Make a Gears of War 3 Designer Happy and Find This Easter Egg

You've had a year to play Gears of War 3 and you still haven't found all the Easter eggs. During the Gears of War panel yesterday at DragonCon in Atlanta, lead level designer Jim Brown teased a submersible secret, and told us of the drunken Dizzy Easter egg that didn't make it in. » 9/03/12 4:00pm 9/03/12 4:00pm

It Was A Very BioShock Night at the Aquarium

A night of magic, of Thuggish Splicers, Little Sisters, Big Daddies and men who you wouldn't think twice about beating beyond recognition with a nine iron. It was a major BioShock photo op at Dragon*Con's Night at the Georgia Aquarium. » 9/12/11 8:00pm 9/12/11 8:00pm

An Army of Video Game Fans in the Dragon Con Day Three Cosplay Gallery

It's the fourth and final day of Dragon Con 2011, but I'm not there. The final day of a convention like this is a sad affair. Instead, let's revel in the glory of yesterday's cunning cosplayers. » 9/05/11 2:30pm 9/05/11 2:30pm

The Woefully Inadequate, Apologetically Dramatic Dragon Con Day One…

My best camera lost its shutter button a year ago. My second best camera lost its button five shots into today's Dragon Con day one cosplay harvest. My third best camera was purchased at Wal-Mart a half hour ago. » 9/02/11 11:30pm 9/02/11 11:30pm

Checking the Pipes at Dragon Con 2011

It's not every day you find a Kotaku editor in downtown Atlanta. Normally I'm about 10 miles north, but for Dragon Con 2011 I'm making an exception. » 9/01/11 10:20pm 9/01/11 10:20pm

Dragon Con Cosplayers Will Cosplay Anything

No entertainment property was beyond the reach Dragon Con's cosplayers in Atlanta this weekend, resulting in our 50-photo gallery featuring everything from Final Fantasy to Flo, the Progressive Insurance spokeswoman. » 9/06/10 6:00pm 9/06/10 6:00pm