EA Pulling Dragon Age: Legends from Facebook and Google+ on June 18th

EA hasn't been shy about blatantly saying that they're going to extend their big games across as many platforms as possible. The recent example Mass Effect Infiltrator on iOS—which links back to the console game via the mega-publisher's Origin online service—shows how EA probably wants this kind of thing to work in… »5/21/12 11:00am5/21/12 11:00am


Yes, Really, The New Dragon Age Facebook Game Is Worth Playing

There are so many games on Facebook, and so few worth playing. But there's a new one based on the acclaimed Dragon Age universe. And it's made by a team led by EA2D's Mark Spenner and Soren Johnson, a guy who made a mighty fine version of Civilization (and is pretty good at solving the math problem of God). »2/28/11 12:00pm2/28/11 12:00pm