Cancelled Justice League Game Pops Up Again, Looks Bizarro

Let's be real: the Green Lantern project that was also supposed to be a Justice League game didn't look like it was going to set the world on fire. But it's an interesting footnote in the history of superhero games, one that would've featured some of the most popular fictional characters ever created. The newest video… » 2/09/15 9:40am 2/09/15 9:40am

Batman Beats Superman in Footage of Cancelled Justice League Game

Long before the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, there was supposed to be another fighting game that featured the members of DC Comics' premier superhero team kicking each other's butts. It got cancelled and footage was never seen. Until now. » 1/24/15 12:00pm 1/24/15 12:00pm

Leaked Images Show What Could Be Amazon's Video Game Controller

The rumors about Amazon's entry into the game console/set-top box gained a ton of credibility this morning, as shots of a gamepad bearing the online giant's logo hit the web. » 3/14/14 10:00am 3/14/14 10:00am

Amazon Just Bought A Video Game Studio

Well, this is interesting. According to a report on TechCrunch, online shopping giant Amazon has bought Double Helix Studios, the video game developer behind games like the Xbox One's Killer Instinct and the upcoming Strider. » 2/05/14 9:35pm 2/05/14 9:35pm

Killer Instinct: The Kotaku Review

The main reason I want to keep playing Killer Instinct is to hear the announcer go absolutely crazy when I do amazing things. The first time you hear him scream out "Combo Breakkkkerrrrr!!!!" you'll understand. » 11/22/13 10:20am 11/22/13 10:20am

Killer Instinct On Xbox One Is Free, For Your First Character

Tekken isn't the only major fighting game series with a sequel that starts off costing nothing. The Xbox One's launch day fighting game Killer Instinct will also be free. You'll get one character, Jago, to play against anyone. » 6/11/13 2:24pm 6/11/13 2:24pm

Metal Gear Solid's Cameo For Front Mission Evolved Revealed

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker maker Hideo Kojima andpublisher Square Enix are working together on toys and game crossovers, like Metal Gear's cameo in Front Mission Evolved. The collaboration between the two appears to be primarily focused around... stickers. » 7/24/10 9:30pm 7/24/10 9:30pm

Front Mission Evolves Into Action Game This Fall

The giant mech strategy series turns shooter this September, when Square Enix brings Front Mission Evolved to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC (in stereoscopic 3D!!!), hoping to lure in a new legion of fans of piloting massive Wanzers. » 5/25/10 3:40pm 5/25/10 3:40pm

More Giant Robot Love From Front Mission Evolved

Square Enix passed us the box art and a batch of new screens for Front Mission Evolved today, including at least one shot of a mech that seems to be joyously completing an upbeat dance routine. What won't those giant robots do? » 3/18/10 6:00pm 3/18/10 6:00pm

Rumor: Screens From Unannounced Justice League Video Game

Is DC Comics' Justice League getting a video game adaptation to go along with the possible George Miller-directed, big budget feature film? It sure looks that way. » 3/01/10 10:00pm 3/01/10 10:00pm

Front Mission Evolved Trailer Evolves

Square Enix announced a spring European release for third-person giant-robot shooter Front Mission Evolved, releasing a new trailer that adds some personality to the teaser seen at last year's Tokyo Game Show. » 1/20/10 11:20am 1/20/10 11:20am

Front Mission Evolved: Hands-On With The Wanzers

Square Enix's attempt to shift the Front Mission series from turn-based strategy role-playing game to third-person shooter was finally playable to the public at Tokyo Game Show. That gave us a chance to see just how Front Mission has "evolved." » 9/27/09 1:30pm 9/27/09 1:30pm