Play Star Trek With a Friend or Be Lonely and Disappointed

"I'm really hurting here," exclaimed the dashing and courageous Captain James T. Kirk, bruised and bloody on the cold metal floor of the space station, phaser gripped tight in his shaking hand. "That's the logical result of charging face-first into a fortified turret, you stupid son-of-a-bitch," I replied in a calm,… » 4/24/13 8:30am 4/24/13 8:30am

Finally, A Decent Look at The Star Trek Game

If you're like me, you've wanted to actually see what the upcoming Star Trek tie-in plays and looks like. You have to put up with a lot of movie executive blather but there's a bunch of gameplay on display in this promo clip for the Digital Extremes-developed title. » 2/15/13 10:40am 2/15/13 10:40am

Star Trek Boldly Goes To Your Living Room, and Looks Really Good Doing …

I was six years old when Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered. For the next seven years, I watched it every Saturday night with my parents and often, during the last two seasons, with my best friend and her parents as well. I was as nerdy as a nerdy child could be, and I loved it. » 6/08/12 4:30pm 6/08/12 4:30pm

I’m Pretty Sure This Star Trek Video Game Trailer Breaks the Prime…

The number one rule in Star Trek fiction states that the Federation can't mess with the development of other planets. Looks to me like that whatever planet Kirk and Spock are on is freakin' crumbling. Surely, that counts as messing with development, right? Nevertheless, Starfleet's most famous officers are finally… » 4/17/12 9:45am 4/17/12 9:45am

Star Trek Video Game Beams Down to the Surface in Early 2013

That shiny new Star Trek game based off of J.J. Abrams' reboot of the sci-fi classic will be finally going into warp drive next year. Today it was announced that Namco Bandai—best known for Pac-Man, SoulCalibur and Tekken games—will be publishing the action/adventure game and that it'll be out in the first quarter of… » 2/10/12 2:30pm 2/10/12 2:30pm

Does The Gore in The Darkness II Make You Squeamish?

» 1/17/12 4:30pm 1/17/12 4:30pm

Ready for a bit of the 'ol ultra-violence? Featured here are the grossest, gnarliest, and most stomach-churning moments contained in the demo for upcoming video game The Darkness II.

If you're an Xbox Live Gold member, The Darkness II's demo is available to you right now. PC, PS3 and non-gold Xbox players can grab… » 1/17/12 4:30pm 1/17/12 4:30pm