Devil May Cry HD Collection Brings Back Original Dante Next April

Capcom's looking to make both sorts of Devil May Cry fan happy in the coming months. They've got the re-envisioned DMC Devil May Cry update to their demon-hunting franchise releasing at some undetermined future date. That game sticks to the series' guns-and-swords play stle, even if it looks radically different. And… »12/20/11 4:40pm12/20/11 4:40pm


Here’s How the Devil May Cry HD Collection Re-Introduces Dante’s Original Look

It's inadvertently been a Devil May Cry week here at Kotaku. First we get the new screens of the DmC re-boot, then a spotlight on the series' other half-demon bad-ass Vergil in an Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 video. Now comes a new trailer with snippets from the collection's three games, all re-done in up-rezzed… »11/04/11 11:40am11/04/11 11:40am