​The Positive Impact of Video Games

Chances are, if you're reading this you like video games. Video games are awesome right? They can have a positive impact on our lives. They can help us make friends, overcome our problems and help us grow as people. Give me a personal story about the impact of video games over a story about frame rates any day. » 3/03/15 4:45am Tuesday 4:45am

Crytek Dev Calls Dinner Tweet 'Boneheaded,' Praises Work Conditions

After a couple of weeks of silence, we're finally hearing from people who worked at Crytek, the game development studio where more than 11,500 dinners were proudly served to "crunching" developers. Two people on the game are saying that Crytek is a pretty good place to work, despite a recent controversial Tweet about… » 11/06/13 2:15pm 11/06/13 2:15pm

Now Facebook Games Can Create User Groups to Fill With 'Add Me' Posts

The second Zynga posts a message on the app page for a game like FarmVille 2 it fills with posts from people seeking friends to help them in-game. Now there's a new feature in beta for Facebook developers that will allow for apps and games to create their own groups, giving players another place to fill with "add me… » 11/15/12 4:55pm 11/15/12 4:55pm

How Video Game Development Has Changed Over the Past Twenty Years

The video game business isn't what it used to be. You know that as a gamer, but what you my find even more interesting is the way it's changed for those actually involved in making the games.

Cory Bloyd is a veteran programmer who works at Munkyfun, and who had previously done stuff like helping make the engine used… » 7/31/12 1:30am 7/31/12 1:30am

How the Human-Hunting Robots in This TweedPunk Shooter Will Find and…

Everybody complains about artificial intelligence. It's too dumb. It's too all-knowing. What it really is is too opaque. AI design remains one of the most mysterious disciplines of video game creation. Well, if you've ever wondered about how the rules governing the allies and opponents in a video game, then a blog… » 3/30/12 9:00am 3/30/12 9:00am

High Moon Just Can't Handle a PC Version of Transformers: Fall of…

This fall when Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers are tearing through Cybertron in the shiny metal skin of Grimlock, PC gamers will remain earthbound, forced to witness the grand robot battles from afar. After a poor showing on the PC for Transformers: War for Cybertron » 2/15/12 3:30pm 2/15/12 3:30pm, High Moon Studios isn't even going to attempt…

The Arkh Project is Creating a Game For "Queer People of Color" (And…

There's been article after article about how gaming culture (and perhaps all of nerd culture) is typically and fundamentally a straight, white, cis-male dominated scene. However you look at it, it's hard to deny the fact that the character landscape in video games is a little monochromatic. » 2/10/12 4:00pm 2/10/12 4:00pm

Blizzard Still Busily Mucking About With Diablo III's Core Systems

Is Diablo III coming to consoles? That's not a question Blizzard's going to answer until they finish the PC version, and judging by today's letter from game director Jay Wilson, they've still got quite a ways to go. While we eagerly await the release, developers are still figuring out the game's core systems. » 1/19/12 1:30pm 1/19/12 1:30pm