Running with Madden's 'Anti-Turbo' Button is an Imprecise Task

Everyone sits on the turbo button in a sports video game. Its use was so ubiquitous, Madden's makers even removed turbo, before bringing it back. If the Madden NFL 25 demo is any indication, players will now clamp on two triggers: good old turbo, or a "precision modifier" that didn't exactly win me over when I tried… » 8/13/13 7:30pm 8/13/13 7:30pm

People Flip the Hell Out When the NCAA Football Demo Doesn't Show Up

Today, one of the year's most hotly anticipated video game releases was delayed with no word when it will come out. Frustrated gamers spewed anger over social media, some even vowing to cancel their preorders. This afternoon after a whole nine hours, the world finally got the NCAA Football 14 Demo. » 6/18/13 2:30pm 6/18/13 2:30pm