Dead Space 3's Awakened DLC Brings Back Those Horrific Hallucinations

» 3/07/13 11:30am 3/07/13 11:30am

Dead Space 3 presented a pretty radical departure from the first two games in the sci-fi horror series. Too many fetch quests and co-operative play made Isaac Clarke's third outing against the Necromorphs feel less scary and atmospheric than DS1 & DS2. But, most of all, longtime Dead Space fans missed the freaky… » 3/07/13 11:30am 3/07/13 11:30am

Rumors of Dead Space's Demise Are False, Says Studio and EA

A report earlier this morning, citing unidentified sources, suggested that Electronic Arts had terminated its Dead Space franchise—including work on an unannounced Dead Space 4—in light of poor sales of Dead Space 3. The game's studio says the rumors are false, and EA itself disputes the portrayal of Dead Space as a… » 3/05/13 11:18am 3/05/13 11:18am

One Thing Dead Space 3 Gets So, So Right

When it comes right down to it, Dead Space 3 is a game about standing in a corner and blasting aliens into bloody bits. I've been playing through the opening hours of the game, and despite recognizing the various problems mentioned in some reviews (including Tina's less-than-glowing review), I have to say that after… » 2/11/13 8:00pm 2/11/13 8:00pm

The Cold, Not-So-Lonely Art Of Dead Space 3

The game itself may be dividing critics, but I'd hope there's one thing we can all agree on, and that's the fact that before the game's frozen wastelands could be played, they first had to be drawn by some very talented people. » 2/06/13 1:00am 2/06/13 1:00am

You Can Pay For Weapons In Dead Space 3 Because Of Mobile Gamers,…

Many Dead Space fans were disappointed this week after hearing that Dead Space 3 would feature microtransactions—or, the ability to buy in-game goods for real money. Today in an interview with CVG, Dead Space 3 producer John Calhoun stated that microtransactions exist because they intend to court mobile gamers. » 1/24/13 8:30pm 1/24/13 8:30pm