Is Dead Or Alive: Paradise "Creepy"? Tecmo Says You Be The Judge

It's not often that the ESRB describes a video game with such vigor as the ratings board did with Tecmo's Dead or Alive: Paradise. It's equally rare for a publisher to thank the ESRB for calling its game "creepy." » 2/12/10 5:40pm 2/12/10 5:40pm

ESRB Explains "Creepy" Dead Or Alive Paradise Re-Rating; Tecmo Responds

Earlier today the Entertainment Software Ratings Board issued a "Mature" rating and description for Tecmo's Dead or Alive Paradise, citing its "creepy voyeurism" and "bizarre, misguided notions of what women really want." That description was quickly removed and reworked. » 2/03/10 6:40pm 2/03/10 6:40pm