The Dead or Alive 5 Mousepads Are Pretty Much What You'd Expect

Around five years ago (or so), it was a bit of a thing » 10/19/12 7:00am 10/19/12 7:00am in Japan for game companies to release mousepads, featuring female characters with large breasts for PC users to rest their hands on. So no surprises here with these upcoming mousepads—nor is it surprising to see them pop up five years later. Not at all.

Six Dead or Alive 5 Fighters Looking Depressed and Humbled After Defeat

There's lots of crazy, over-the-top elements in the just-released Dead or Alive 5. Clown cannons, giant elevators of death and tanks blasting away in he background… all these things happen while the brawlers of Team Ninja's latest fighting game are vying for victory. And you can't win all the martial arts matches all… » 9/27/12 5:30pm 9/27/12 5:30pm

Never Share an Elevator With Lisa and Helena From Dead or Alive 5

You're late for your job at the secret underwater lab. Dashing through the lobby you see two women step into the facility's sole elevator: the beautiful blonde heiress to the DOATEC fortune and that dark and mysterious scientist you've always expected has a hidden wild side. Do not get in that elevator. » 8/23/12 3:30pm 8/23/12 3:30pm