Batman: Earth One Gives The Dark Knight a New Origin He Doesn’t Need

Batman and Spider-Man operate in different fictional universes. Duh. But this summer, both heroes find themselves fighting the same enemy, the Dreaded Origin Reboot, in different mediums. Some of the critical reaction to The Amazing Spider-Man has wondered why moviegoers need re-imagining of Peter Parker's superhero… »7/10/12 4:00pm7/10/12 4:00pm


Spot the Comics References in the The Dark Knight Rises’ Newest Trailer

If you know your Bat-continuity, then the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises »6/19/12 3:00pm6/19/12 3:00pm appears to be chock full of nods to various Dark Knight storylines over the years. There's an apparent earthquake and a scene where Gotham gets cut off from the rest of the world. Those moments along with rioting in streets hint at…

Bruce Wayne on Drugs: One of the Best Batman Stories Ever

It sounds like a joke at first: What if Batman got addicted to drugs? But legendary Batman writer Denny O'Neil took a laughable premise and turned it into one of the best character portraits the Caped Crusader's ever seen.

Batman: Venom shows off everything that makes Denny O'Neil one of my favorite writers. His work… »4/24/12 3:00pm4/24/12 3:00pm