Marvel Just Revealed Its Entire "All-New, All-Different" Comic Universe

Whoa. We’ve been getting dribs and drabs of reveals for Marvel’s upcoming universal reboot over the past week, but it looks like the jackpot has just hit: Comics retailers across the world have received previews for 45(!) of Marvel’s new series, and it sounds like it’s a whole lot of crazy. »6/30/15 1:00pm6/30/15 1:00pm

10 Obvious Superhero Weaknesses (That Supervillains Hardly Ever Exploit)


We think of superhero weaknesses as being fancy or complicated — radioactive fragments of their old home planets, or the people they love. And that’s why superheroes win. In fact, most superheroes have super-obvious weak points. Here are 10 obvious superhero weakness that villains almost never attack. »4/27/15 1:25pm4/27/15 1:25pm

The Evolution Of Daredevil's Bloody, Beautiful Fight Scenes

Marvel's Daredevil has a lot of things going for it — but one thing that stands out is its visceral, thrilling fight scenes. These brawls aren't just visual splendour: they help convey Matt Murdock's evolution from Vigilante to Superhero. Join us as we take a spoiler-laden look at Daredevil's important fight scenes. »4/15/15 4:03pm4/15/15 4:03pm

Spoiler-Free Review: Marvel’s New Daredevil Series Is Bloody Fantastic

We’re awash in live-action adaptations of comic books lately, including several TV shows. But Netflix’s new Daredevil series still feels like something special. It pulls no punches, never winks at the audience, and perfectly captures the feel of the best Daredevil comics. Here’s our spoiler-free review.
»4/02/15 6:30pm4/02/15 6:30pm

The Ultimate Guide To 2015's Science Fiction And Fantasy TV

This is going to be a huge year for science fiction and fantasy television, including some major A-list creators (Jonathan Nolan, Chris Miller and Phil Lord!) coming to the small screen to make beautiful love your eyes and faces. This is your year, people! Here’s our complete guide to 2015’s science fiction and… »1/06/15 6:23pm1/06/15 6:23pm

​Marvel's Defenders Shows Shouldn't Be Just Another Avengers

Superhero enthusiasts all over got a big exciting surprise this morning when news broke that Marvel and Netflix would be partnering to create streaming series for the Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones characters. When the shows culminate into a Defenders team-up, the end result might be more grounded… »11/07/13 12:59pm11/07/13 12:59pm

A Great Example of How Superhero Comics Tackle Real Life Tragedy

Sometimes, everything goes terribly wrong when superhero comics draw their inspirations from the real world. The results can seem hokey, sensationalist or just plain dull. So what happens when the latest issue of Marvel Comics' Daredevil focuses on a shooting clearly based on the death of Trayvon Martin? None of the… »9/26/13 11:00am9/26/13 11:00am

New Avengers #30 Puts Three of My Favorite Marvel Superheroes in One Place At the End of the World

To my mind, the best episodes of a big-deal, all-hands-on-deck superhero crossover event are the ones that focus on the ground-level repercussions of the world-threatening chaos. I remember reading a great issue of Gotham Central »6/12/12 3:30pm6/12/12 3:30pm when DC's event was happening that showed riots and madness in the streets of Batman's…

Starting Today, Read The Digital Comics Financed By Mark Waid’s One-of-a-Kind Collection

You might've heard about how Mark Waid—veteran writer behind the awesome, on-going run of Daredevil »5/01/12 3:30pm5/01/12 3:30pm—was . Well, Thrillbent—the site that Waid is spearheading—has launched today, with two offerings written by him that you can read for free. tells the story of an obnoxious sidekick who grows up to treat his mentor…