It's In the Game—Take It Or Leave It

He's a a fight promoter and a guy with an outsize personality, but however serious Dana White was when he said these things, he still said them. The president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship called EA Sports a joke. He threatened to blacklist fighters who appeared in its old mixed martial arts video game. He… » 6/10/12 7:00pm 6/10/12 7:00pm

UFC Sues Ubisoft Over Two Words On The Back Of A Bad Game

Two words on the back cover boilerplate of Fighters Uncaged have invited a lawsuit from Dana White and the UFC, which will probably supply a fresh dose of publicity for a game bound for the bargain bin after terrible reviews. » 12/10/10 9:30pm 12/10/10 9:30pm

UFC Chief Knows Wii Is The Console For Grown-Ups

Dana White, colorful boss of the Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial arts empire, knows which consoles in his home are for his kids — and which he can hold his own in. » 4/01/10 5:00pm 4/01/10 5:00pm

UFC Chief Backs Off Threat To Ban Fighters, Still Loathes EA

UFC president Dana White will allow fighters appearing in EA Sports MMA, a rival to his successful UFC Undisputed video game series. But UFC fans who buy the EA game beware: White says that's "fucking nuts." » 3/30/10 1:40pm 3/30/10 1:40pm

UFC: "EA Doesn't Give A **** About Mixed Martial Arts"

UFC president Dana White has gone on an expletive-fuelled tirade against EA Sports, lashing out at not only the publishing powerhouse, but at any UFC fighter that agrees to appear in EA's upcoming mixed martial arts title as well. » 7/13/09 9:00am 7/13/09 9:00am