You Want a Steam Box? Cut the Rope's Got a Steam Box, and It's Free.

Not even the candy-craving critter Om Nom can resist the allure of steam-powered technology. Today's free Steam Box update for the Android and iOS versions of ZeptoLab's popular physics puzzler may not offer popular PC games via Valve's online service, but it does deliver 25 new levels featuring the awesome power of… »1/10/13 2:55pm1/10/13 2:55pm

Scammers Behind Fake Version of Angry Birds Ordered to Refund Customers

There is a legitimate, free version of Angry Birds for Android. But one app that appeared on the Android Market (now Google Play) last fall wasn't it. It was a fake, a piece of malware explicitly designed to part phone owners from their cash. Now, the scammers that took the money have been ordered to give it back. »5/24/12 11:30am5/24/12 11:30am

Six Classic and Contemporary HTML 5 Games You Can Play Free Right Now

A lot has changed since the days when web developers relied almost exclusively on Flash for media-rich interactive content. Although the technology is still very much alive and may not see a replacement anytime soon for certain uses, more and more websites are implementing HTML5 »2/22/12 2:40pm2/22/12 2:40pm for streaming audio and video, and we…