Cut The Rope 2 Is A Great Reason To Give Its Creators More Money

For three years the creators of Cut the Rope have been adding new free level packs to the original game. Both the prequel, Cut the Rope: Time Travel and the spin-off, Cut the Rope: Experiments, have gotten free new content this month. These guys really deserve another dollar. Cut the Rope 2 is our chance. » 12/19/13 3:30pm 12/19/13 3:30pm

Cut the Rope 2 Comes Out on December 19th. Get Your Candy Ready.

We already got word that it'd be coming during the holidays but now we know an exact date: the sequel to the mega-popular Cut the Rope comes out next Thursday and will be hitting iOS devices first. » 12/13/13 12:30pm 12/13/13 12:30pm

Cut the Rope 2 is coming this holiday season. With more than 400 million downloads between the original Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope Experiments, Cut the Rope : Time Travel and Pudding Monsters, ZeptoLab is finally giving the candy-munching Om Nom a proper sequel, with a number and everything. Unfamiliar? The original… » 9/26/13 8:25am 9/26/13 8:25am

What Comes After Cut The Rope's Renaissance? The Disco Era. Aw Yeah.

After eating his way through Ancient Greece, Egypt, the Stone Age,the Middle Ages, Pirate times and the Renaissance, there's only one time period left. It's Cut the Rope: Time Travel's free Disco Era update, y'all. » 8/08/13 8:30am 8/08/13 8:30am

The New Cut the Rope Transcends the Laws of Time and Space

As the star of ZeptoLab's incredibly popular Cut the Rope series, the adorable Om Nom has eaten all the candy he possibly can without temporal physics coming into play, and so, Cut the Rope: Time Travel is born on iOS and Android. » 4/18/13 8:30am 4/18/13 8:30am

Cut the Rope's Latest Free Update is Magic

Available now in the iOS and Android versions of ZeptoLab's candy-munching puzzle game, the Lantern Box adds 25 levels of teleporting magic to Cut the Rope in celebration of the Chinese New Year. » 2/07/13 9:55pm 2/07/13 9:55pm

Gaming Cupcakes So Simple a Little Kid on YouTube Could Make Them

We've gotten out of the habit of posting gaming-inspired baked goods at Kotaku over the past few years, but here at KotakuMobile the subject is fresh and new. Besides, YouTube youngin' AbesWorld2 isn't just showing us Cut the Rope cupcakes, he's showing us how to make them. » 2/01/13 4:25pm 2/01/13 4:25pm

You Want a Steam Box? Cut the Rope's Got a Steam Box, and It's Free.

Not even the candy-craving critter Om Nom can resist the allure of steam-powered technology. Today's free Steam Box update for the Android and iOS versions of ZeptoLab's popular physics puzzler may not offer popular PC games via Valve's online service, but it does deliver 25 new levels featuring the awesome power of… » 1/10/13 2:55pm 1/10/13 2:55pm

The Most Fun You Can Have With Pudding Without Somebody Getting Naked

Riding high on the continued success of Cut the Rope, developer ZeptoLab serves up victory pudding, only this pudding doesn't want to be eaten or smeared on the naked bodies of unpleasant people. Pudding Monsters wants to be free. » 12/20/12 11:30am 12/20/12 11:30am

What to Get the Discerning Cut the Rope Fan for Christmas

ZeptoLab's candy-munching Om Nom is the most iconic mobile gaming character this side of Angry Birds, the sweetheart (and tooth) of smartphone gamers around the globe. Round 5 immortalizes the star of Cut the Rope in a series of plushies and collectibles worthy of his big, stupid, toothy grin. » 12/18/12 10:55am 12/18/12 10:55am

Check Out the First Gameplay From Cut the Rope Creator's Pudding…

It's not as cute as Om Nom's candy munching adventure, but it has potential. ZeptoLab's Pudding Monsters hits the app store on December 20. » 12/13/12 11:55am 12/13/12 11:55am

Cut the Rope Creators Peel the Lid Off Pudding Monsters

With Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope Experiments, UK developer ZeptoLab created a pair of the most popular games on any mobile platform, along with one of the most beloved mobile mascots, the candy-munching OmNom. If anything can build on that success, it's pudding. » 12/04/12 8:45am 12/04/12 8:45am

Apps Plus Toys: Apptivity Batman and Cut the Rope

I love gaming apps, and I love toys. This week I'm taking a look at gaming apps that employ physical toys to enhance the play experience, starting with a look at Mattel's Apptivity Batman and Cut the Rope games. Let's play with toys! » 10/08/12 2:55pm 10/08/12 2:55pm

Scammers Behind Fake Version of Angry Birds Ordered to Refund Customers

There is a legitimate, free version of Angry Birds for Android. But one app that appeared on the Android Market (now Google Play) last fall wasn't it. It was a fake, a piece of malware explicitly designed to part phone owners from their cash. Now, the scammers that took the money have been ordered to give it back. » 5/24/12 11:30am 5/24/12 11:30am

Six Classic and Contemporary HTML 5 Games You Can Play Free Right Now

A lot has changed since the days when web developers relied almost exclusively on Flash for media-rich interactive content. Although the technology is still very much alive and may not see a replacement anytime soon for certain uses, more and more websites are implementing HTML5 » 2/22/12 2:40pm 2/22/12 2:40pm for streaming audio and video, and we…

One of the iPhone's Biggest Games Slices Out a Sequel

There are a handful of iPhone games that pretty much everyone who owns an iPhone has. Cut the Rope is one of them. And it's getting a sequel. » 8/04/11 10:40am 8/04/11 10:40am

Rope Rescue: Call It Cut the Birds, or Maybe Angry Rope

I saw a Chillingo game at Electronic Arts' fall preview event last night that featured colorful, cartoon birds in peril and ropes that could be cut. » 7/20/11 2:40pm 7/20/11 2:40pm

Bury Me Deep Beneath These Cut the Rope Plushies

Coming in September to toy and specialty shops around the country, these plush representations of Cut the Rope's hungry little mascot Om Nom are so ridiculously adorable I would gladly suffocate beneath a mountain-sized pile. » 7/18/11 1:20pm 7/18/11 1:20pm

There's Free Cut The Rope For The Holidays

ZeptoLab's chart-topping physics-based iPhone candy muncher Cut the Rope is gift enough in itself, but we won't say know to the free standalone holiday expansion now available in the iTunes App Store. » 12/10/10 12:00pm 12/10/10 12:00pm

Cut The Rope Goes Cosmic

Chillngo's adorable little candy-muncher Om Nom has proved irresistible to iPhone gamers. Here's a sneak peek at what more than three million Cut The Rope players can look forward to in update 1.1. » 11/17/10 1:20pm 11/17/10 1:20pm