Coach, Not Community, is to Blame, Says Female Fighter Striking Back in Sexual Harassment Controversy

The fighter inside the controversy that stirred allegations of sexism and misogyny in fighting video games says that its community, fans and star performers do not deserve the collective blame they have endured, and vows that she will not leave her sport despite the alienating remarks of the man who once coached her. »3/02/12 1:00am3/02/12 1:00am

Fighting Game Community's Leading Voice Calls for Accountability and Respect in Sexual Harassment Fallout

Shoryuken, one of the most respected voices in the fighting game community, has called upon its readers and followers to deal honestly with questions of misogyny and sexual harassment, following sexist match commentary on a controversy that has roiled the fighting game community for a second day. »3/01/12 10:00pm3/01/12 10:00pm