Stix 200 Impressions - Looks Like A Wii Remote, And That's All

Back in the beginning of July I wrote up the announcement » 8/29/08 1:30pm 8/29/08 1:30pm of GoLive2's Wii remote-aping PC peripheral Stix, a device that would allow PC gamers to play specific web-based games using motion sensing controls, and then just as quickly forgot all about it. Lo and behold, the week before I leave for the Games Convention…

Nintendo Facing Controller Ban Over Patent Lawsuit

Click to view Getting your hands on a Wavebird, Classic Controller, or Nintendo GameCube could shortly become very difficult as Nintendo faces a ban on all three devices, following a failed attempt to overturn the verdict in a $21-million dollar patent infringement suit brought on by Texas-based Anascape Ltd. U.S.… » 7/22/08 11:40am 7/22/08 11:40am