10 Things That Star Trek Got Right (That Have Never Been Copied)

This year is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, and even after five decades there has never been another series like Gene Roddenberry’s brainchild. We’ve had plenty of spaceship shows since 1966, but some things about Trek remained unique. Here are 10 Star Trek achievements that nobody else managed to pull off.

Marvel's Civil War Sequel Sounds a Lot Like Superhero Minority Report

Yes, Civil War II: Revenge/Return of the Civil is happening—but our early skepticism at Marvel simply reheating its major 2007 comic book event to tie into the next Captain America movie seems to have been mostly waylaid by new information that teases the conflict that pits hero against hero will be at least a little…

Here Are the Best and Worst Moments From Last Night's Supergirl

Here’s one of the best moments from last night’s episode of Supergirl. The fight scenes were actually pretty great, and seemed to be done in a way that actually used the show’s low VFX budget to good effect. This moment felt like it borrowed from Chronicle, in a great way. Read on for more of the best and worst…