Civilization V Mod Kicks Corrupt FIFA In The Nuts

Modder Steph, bummed as the rest of us are that the World Cup is over, decided to keep the fires burning by making a FIFA mod for Civilization V. One that, despite the limitations of the host game, is one of the smartest attacks on the corrupt and generally awful FIFA (at least in terms of video games) that I've ever… » 7/20/14 10:00pm 7/20/14 10:00pm

How I Learned That I Suck At Civilization

I had never played Civilization V prior to last week. Not to any meaningful degree, at least. I grew up with Nintendo and, to a lesser extent, Sega (plus Microsoft, come the aughts) providing my gaming goodness. I was a toddler when the original Civilization hit computers in 1991. Going from fast-paced kiddie-crack… » 3/02/13 1:00pm 3/02/13 1:00pm