Pepsi Marinated Chicken Wings? We've got Cheesy Lobster in China too.

Sitting in what's often called a trashy cafe in Beijing's Wudaokou district, a friend of mine asked me a question, "你知道为什么中国网游那么简单吗?" (Do you know why Chinese online games are so simple?) Confused and halfway through a soggy "homemade" microwave potato chip I asked, "Why?"

My buddy smiled at me and said, "Because… »1/14/13 6:00am1/14/13 6:00am

China's Pepsi Flavored Potato Chips Actually Make Perfect Sense

Just as cooking with beer works extremely well, cola is used in cooking throughout China—and beyond. Coca-cola is perhaps the most common in China, but Frito-Lay isn't a division of Coke. It's a division of PepsiCo. Thus, Pepsi-Cola chicken-flavor Lay's potato chips.

The chips launched earlier this year, and the… »12/13/12 5:00am12/13/12 5:00am