ChefVille 'And the Date Goes On' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

While time may soon run out on the First Date event in ChefVille, Zynga just couldn't help itself. The ChefVille team has released another new quest series that needs to be completed within the event's remaining three days. While the quests are voluntary, you can earn some additional rewards by completing them, so… »3/01/13 12:55pm3/01/13 12:55pm


ChefVille 'Jed-Thai Master' Quests: Everything you need to know

The Thailand event in ChefVille has expanded this week, with players asked to upgrade their Terrific Thai Station and Thai Gardens to unlock a new series of Thai dishes. There are three new quests to complete in Madeline's "Jed-Thai Master' series, and we're here with a look at how to finish them off, thanks to Zynga. »2/28/13 12:55pm2/28/13 12:55pm

ChefVille 'This Calls for Cake' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

Observant chefs probably noticed the addition of Cake Batter as an option within the ChefVille Mixers. But we've just learned what the addition was for. Ever since ChefVille first launched, players have been longing to cook desserts, and it's finally that time via the release of the Cake Oven, Cake Display Case, and… »2/22/13 3:55pm2/22/13 3:55pm

ChefVille 'Once Upon A Thai' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

The newest cooking event in ChefVille takes us to Thailand, virtually at least. Madeline has arrived in our restaurants with a brand new Terrific Thai Cooking Station, Thai Garden, Coconut Milk Stand and plenty of quests to complete along the way. We won't waste time with formalities, so let's jump straight into… »2/21/13 12:55pm2/21/13 12:55pm

ChefVille 'Melt Their Hearts' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

As with the launch of the Oyster Bar in ChefVille, another quest series has been released to go along with the Truffle Cooking Station. If you've yet to receive these quests in your game, you might have to wait a few more days (or even weeks) to receive them, but for everyone else, we're here with a guide to help you… »2/18/13 12:55pm2/18/13 12:55pm

ChefVille 'Last Ditch Convection' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

We've reached the halfway point in Colby's Convection Oven event in ChefVille, and it's time to unlock more Valentine's Day dishes before it's too late. Colby has brought three new quests to the game in a "Last Ditch Convection" series, and we're here with a guide to helping you finish them off (thanks to Zynga)… »2/15/13 12:55pm2/15/13 12:55pm

ChefVille 'Sauce Man' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

Last week, ChefVille players were asked to cook pasta dishes in bulk to complete one of Bello's Valentine's Day quest sets. Now, Bello's back again with another challenge: Cook dishes containing Tomato Sauce. This series of three new "Sauce Man" quests that will be available for the next three days. We're here with a… »2/13/13 12:55pm2/13/13 12:55pm

ChefVille 'Temping Truffle Cook Station' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

Remember when the Exotic Cook Station quests were released to a random group of players in ChefVille? Well, Zynga has once again rolled out a new event to a "random" assortment of players, with no time table for when the rest of us will get to play along. We've learned that this process could take "a few weeks," but… »2/08/13 1:55pm2/08/13 1:55pm

ChefVille 'Outback Lovin'' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

After the first Valentine's Day event in ChefVille, we learned that both Colby and Rock have feelings for Madeline, but who will she choose as her Valentine? We'll help both of these men woo their lovely lass via individual sets of quests, starting with Rock and his "Outback Lovin" event. This event comes with new… »2/05/13 1:55pm2/05/13 1:55pm

ChefVille 'Guten Appetit' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

While we've already seen one new German-themed quest released in ChefVille this week with it an upgrade to the Hofbrau Skillet, there's an additional timed series available to tackle. The thing is, it's probably buried among the many Chinese New Year event quests that have also been rolled out this week, so its timer… »2/04/13 12:55pm2/04/13 12:55pm

ChefVille 'A Series of Wursts' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

If you pay attention to the expansion squares outside of your restaurant's borders in ChefVille, you might have noticed that one now houses a Bavarian Market, complete with topiaries, new floor tiles and wall pieces. This Bavarian Market requires 25,000 coins and 75 Recommendations to unlock, but you'll also need to… »2/01/13 12:55pm2/01/13 12:55pm

ChefVille 'Rock Climbs Rocks' Catering Order: Everything You Need to Know

The brand new chapter of catering orders in ChefVille continues to expand this week. Players that complete the "Yoga with Pippa!" order can now tackle "Rock Climbs Rocks." This order is slightly more difficult than the first in this chapter, but neither of these healthy eating catering orders are as difficult as the… »1/28/13 12:55pm1/28/13 12:55pm

ChefVille 'Burger Station Upgrade' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

Even with bugs, the show in ChefVille must go on, which is the case this week when it comes to Bello's Burger event that has been available over the past couple of weeks. While some of the quests in this multi-stage event have been allowed to expire and disappear from the game, there's another series of "Bello's… »1/25/13 12:55pm1/25/13 12:55pm

ChefVille 'Get Comfortable' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

The Burger Station event has wrapped up in ChefVille, and the Valentine's Day event is at its halfway point, So, Zynga has released another set of quests to give us something to do while earning Mastery Stars and Love Letters. The Southern Comfort Food Station is now available, and brings with it some Southern… »1/24/13 12:55pm1/24/13 12:55pm

ChefVille 'Bello's Burger' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

Every ChefVille player knows to cook a few kinds of Hamburgers on their Grill. But a brand new Burger Station will turn your restaurant into a real "Burger Joint," and Bello is here with a pair of quests that introduce his new appliance. Even with just two quests, you still might have a bit of trouble finishing them… »1/18/13 12:55pm1/18/13 12:55pm

ChefVille 'Tacos Especiales' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

Hopefully, you've already made some progress in the "Stand for Tacos" quests in ChefVille, which introduced a new Taco Stand and Flour Tortilla Maker to the game, as there's another set of new quests to complete in this new taco theme. A brand new Specialty Meat Stand has launched in the store, and you can now build… »1/15/13 12:55pm1/15/13 12:55pm

ChefVille 'The Best of Sushi' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

Zynga's new motto seems to be "bigger is better," as every new feature in ChefVille seems to be bigger than the one before. While you're likely still working on the Healthy Eating event (which expires in less than two days, mind you), there's already a new sushi-themed event that will unlock the final set of dishes… »1/08/13 1:55pm1/08/13 1:55pm

ChefVille 'The New Healthy' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

As ChefVille's newest focus is on eating healthy, we've been given a new Healthy Eating Station with plenty of healthy cooking options for our virtual customers. Now, have a new set of three "The New Healthy" quests to complete from Ginger. While the Healthy Eating Station does have a lot of healthy options, we… »1/04/13 12:55pm1/04/13 12:55pm

ChefVille Tis the Seasonings Event: Everything You Need to Know

If you're wondering why the Winter Holiday Feast event ended early in ChefVille, with five days left before Christmas, today's in-game update is your answer. Over the next 12 days, players will have a chance to cook six new holiday-inspired dishes and earn a Spice Stand at the end. This Spice Stand will help players… »12/21/12 11:55am12/21/12 11:55am