Sony Forgets How Internet Works, Competition Won By Accused Hacker

With the best intentions in the world, Sony recently opened up a competition called Bid For Greatness, which would let PS3 users compete to get hold of some props and costumes used in the company's recent "Greatness" commercial. There seems to be a problem, though, and it lies in Sony's execution. » 7/17/13 10:15pm 7/17/13 10:15pm

These Halo 4 Cheaters Might Look Headless, But You Can Still Headshot…

If you play Halo 4 multiplayer, chances are you've heard about the rumored headless Spartans that you can't kill. Maybe if you're unlucky you've actually come across these infamous Spartans. » 12/20/12 1:00pm 12/20/12 1:00pm

Turns out that there's a mod where you can take off all the armor—including, despite how baffling it might sound, your…

5 Ways To Be A Massive Jerk To Your Opponents In Video Games

Maybe you reached your skill plateau despite constant practice. Maybe the odds are against you. Maybe you're just a terrible human being. Whatever the reason, you need to win, and you need to win bad—no matter what the cost. Perhaps at the cost of my morality and integrity, I'm here to help. » 7/27/12 9:30am 7/27/12 9:30am