No Humans Are Allowed In This Smash Bros. Tournament

If you're not careful, an Amiibo can become a monster in Smash Bros. Thankfully, this doesn't have to be terrifying for us humans—instead, the intense skill of Amiibos can be turned into a spectator sport. » 12/12/14 4:30pm 12/12/14 4:30pm

League Of Legends' Worlds Draw An Oscar-Worthy 32 Million Viewers

We knew a lot of people were watching SK Telecom T1 battle their way to the Summoner's Cup in League of Legends' Season 3 World Championship, but 32 million? This year's Oscars had 41 million, and that's packed with people paid to make us love them. » 11/19/13 5:06pm 11/19/13 5:06pm

The 2009 Pokémon Video Game Championships

Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? Now is your chance, as Pokémon USA delivers the details on the 2009 Pokémon Video Game Championships. » 4/08/09 4:20pm 4/08/09 4:20pm