Call of Duty Makes for the Most Un-Romantic Marriage Proposal Ever

When people with money get married, a heavily manicured, storybook ceremony is to be expected because it's a public appearance of some sort. It's what takes place in private that is truly revelatory and Chad Ochocinco, noted gamer and iconoclast NFL star, apparently couldn't put down his controller when he popped the… » 6/23/12 6:00pm 6/23/12 6:00pm

Chad Ochocinco Gets a Head Start on Madden

When last we heard from Bengals receiver/game enthusiast Chad Ochocinco, he was offering season tickets for an early copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Now he's enjoying Madden NFL 11, 18 days before release. » 7/25/10 2:00pm 7/25/10 2:00pm