Aeria Delivers the Mighty Immortalis Unto the Collectible Card-Craving Masses

While Aeria Mobile's latest entry in the engorged collectible card game market isn't nearly as pretty as Pirate Maidens, it makes up for it by having a name that sounds suspiciously like the ancient mouthwash of power. Behold Immortalis, more than 650 cards and 70 quest zones' worth of minty fresh fantasy battles. »1/16/13 8:45pm1/16/13 8:45pm

I Understand the Mobile Collectible Card Game Genre Now, But I Can't Afford It

Look at that. There I am, in second place overall in Aeria Mobile's Pirate Maidens, one of those newfangled mobile collectible card games I've been having so much trouble dealing with lately. After a week spent dominating the female anime pirate collecting game I can safely say that I understand the genre intimately.… »12/05/12 4:55pm12/05/12 4:55pm