This Isn't Just a Japanese Arcade, It's Someone's Home

Recently on NicoNico Douga (via Kotaku Japan » 12/19/12 6:00am 12/19/12 6:00am), one user showed how a storage room had been converted into a retro Japanese arcade, complete with refurbished cabinets, old game mags, a drink machine, a change machine, and even those crappy metal ashtrays you find in Japanese game centers. The recreation even uses…

Blissful Death? No, Blissful iPhone Gaming

There's a moment when playing Cave shooters, when your eyes glaze over, and you are no longer looking at the ship you are piloting. You start following the bullets, and as you move yourself through space, you just know where you are.

It's a bit like Luke Skywalker feeling the Force flowing through himself. And as far… » 2/13/12 12:10pm 2/13/12 12:10pm